Current Weight: 236.0lbs
Monthly Workouts: 2

Man is it cold! It’s way too cold for me to ride outside or go for a walk which leaves me with spinning indoors. I haven’t been spinning as I’ve been trying to study for a certification exam. The extra time I’ve put towards that makes me feel confident I will pass it. I do need to find some time to get some work outs in though. It’s suppose to warm back up this week with it reaching the 50s by Friday. Hopefully that means I’ll be able to get outside for a bit and take some walks.

Current Weight: 242.2lbs
Year-to-Year Loss: 6lbs
Monthly Workouts: 0

Well 2015 has come and past. I only wrote one post on here for the entirety of the year. A number of wonderful things happened in 2015. A number of sad things happened as well. The first part of the year I spent as much time with my mom as I could before she passed. The second part of the year saw the passing of Aunt Pam. Both lost their struggles with cancer and I took both of their losses very hard. The year did end with great happiness as Tina and I got married. The marriage planning did make for a terribly busy year and work outs got pushed to the side a number of times.

Health wise the year was not a complete wash. I did end up losing six pounds and by the end of the year I was noticing my knees are much stronger and I do not struggle anywhere near as much with knee pain. These are definitely positives that I can take into the new year. My primary goal this year is to stop having to write about how I’m not working out, how I’m not riding my bicycle. These are things I want to be doing, and I need to figure out how to make time for them.

Current Weight: 248.2lbs
Year-to-Year Loss: 13.4lbs
Monthly Workouts: 0

December 2013 I started noticing that I wasn’t working out and that my clothes were not fitting very well anymore. I wanted to change that trend and move back to working out and lose some of the excess weight I had put on in 2013. I set a very modest goal of losing one pound each month for a total loss of 12 pounds. I sort of figured I would struggle with getting back on the workout horse. I started 2014 at 261.6 pounds. A far cry from the 245 pounds I was at Pelotonia 2013 in August.

2014 saw me not work out very much at all. Yet even just focusing on my eating I was able to make wonderful strides, essentially making my weight goal single-handedly through diet. That’s wonderful and all but ultimately won’t get me to where I need to be. It would take another two years at this rate to reach 220 pounds, which is only a stopping point for me. I need to be working out! What has been keeping me from it? All year I would say this life event, or work, or something else that is outside of my control. Fair statements but weak excuses. Just because a major life event comes along does not mean that it completely reshapes my daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. I started thinking like this at the end of November and my trainer reinforced it in December and helped give me a little motivational push. She helped prove what I was thinking was right and that I can continue making positive changes to my body at 33. Even overweight. Even with bad knees. Even with the stiffest hips and backs ever conceived. Even with work. Even with life.

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.

Hello 2015!

Current Weight: 249.0lbs
Monthly Workouts: 20

I reached twenty workouts last night with my trainer. She kicked my butt. I was a little worried, near the begining of the session I was trying to do some TRX pushups and my shoulder slipped out real quick and went back in. It hurt and couldn’t handle much weight for the rest of the session. It was my fault, thinking back on it my form was bad. It felt off all night but is feeling better this morning. I’ll probably go easy on the weights this week and stick to more cardio.

Current Weight: 247.8lbs
Monthly Workouts: 19

It took me a little under two hours to move my hard wood floors from the garage to the living room. There were 136, 23 pound, boxes of flooring, and about 25 boxes of lighter material. It was a good workout, my heart and breathing were through the roof, my legs, back, shoulders, and arms all let me know there protest this morning. All of it is inside and ready to go for installation!

Current Weight: 247.6lbs
Monthly Workouts: 18

A fifty degree day right after Christmas! Who would have guessed. It was an opportunity not to be wasted. I haven’t been on my bike since August. Sad. Sad for me. Dustin and I went out to shake off some cobwebs. There is a new bike shop in Powell so we rode out to check it out. It was windy and we were slow but man was it glorious to get outside. We got to the bike shop right when they were closing up so I didn’t get to check it out too much, but we did have a pleasant conversation with the owners. Man I’ve missed my bike! How could I let it get to this? I’ll just have to remedy it.

Current Weight: 246.4lbs
Monthly Workouts: 17

Got home quickly yesterday since no one was on the roads. I went for a walk. It was a little dark but there was still a little warmth in the air. I’m feeling pretty good about meeting this goal. It has been a long time since I’ve worked out 20 times in a month. I plan to keep this up next year. The blog and the 20 workouts a month goal.

Current Weight: 250.0lbs
Monthly Workouts: 16

I went out at lunchtime for a walk. It felt good to stretch my legs. It really warmed up yesterday and I ended up getting a little too hot in my coat. Not a bad problem to have! Four more workouts to reach my goal this month. I can do it!

Current Weight: 249.0lbs
Monthly Workouts: 15

Lifted with my trainer last night. My partner had bailed and I had a tough day at work. I wanted to just cancel and go home to the couch but I listened to the tiny voice in the back of my head that told me not to quit. I actually felt good through the session and thought it was a very productive workout. Everything hurts this morning making me stronger. I have nine days to complete five more workouts. I can easily make that under normal circumstances. Family visits and holiday celebrations will make it challenging but I will push through and reach my goal!

Current Weight: 247.4lbs
Monthly Workouts: 14

No workout yesterday. I should have made time, but my desktop computer has been struggling and had gotten much worse this past week. I needed to sit down and fix it and yesterday morning was the only block that I had. I didn’t even enjoy the satisfaction of getting everything completed. I’m at about 90% which will do for now and I’ll probably be able to find an hour or two next weekend to finish. We went out to lunch with Tina’s mom to celebrate Tina’s birthday. Afterwards we went out to see the Nutcracker at the theatre to give Tina a nice birthday present. Afterwards we again went out for dinner. So much eating out. I feel like I’m getting fatter. The scale has a different story though. My suit still fits just fine and a ring my sister gave me years ago that fit my right ring finger perfectly is loose and started to fall off a few times through the night. So it would seem I’m making some progress at least in my right ring finger. I’ll take what I can get.