I slept a little better than I had since before the weekend. I’m still dirt tired though. It was a busy day at work with lots of meetings but I’m making some progress. I don’t remember what happened in the evening.

Ran with the mask for about 5 and half hours. That’s a few nights in a row. I seem to be trending to wearing it for a little longer, could I be starting to get use to it? Work was real tough to focus, hear the words people speaking to me, and make decisions. I did make some progress on a few projects on my plate though. I went home and did a few house chores while Tina was in class and then went to bed early.

After about five hours I woke up to a gurgling sound. I thought it was water in the tube so I started moving the tube and got a nice big shower of water all over me and the bed. Guess I need to turn the tube heating back on. I was wet and cold so I couldn’t fall back to sleep. It was really tough to make it through work. Went to the gym to lift. About 40 minutes of going slow I became light headed while doing some ab exercises while on the floor. When I got up I got really dizzy and was like that all evening. I need to go to bed.

Slept with the mask for 1:20 before ripping it off. The air in the mask is just too hot from me exhaling. I’ll try turning off the tube heating all together and see if that helps. Went and saw the MSU vs. OSU basketball game this afternoon with Tina, Dustin, and Muriel. Was real fun to get out and see the game but a shame they lost. OSU played terrific defense all game. Tina had heartburn from the jalapenos on her nachos. That will make her sad. Came home from the game tired. I was tired before the game. Always tired.

Dropping the tube temperature ten degrees didn’t seem to make any difference. There was suppose to be a bad ice storm coming through today so I stayed inside resting and playing video games. The storm went south of us and we just got a little bit of rain. I’d like to spend some time outside.

Another day goes by. Still very tired. Talked to the CPAP people, they gave me suggestions for some adjustments this weekend to see if I can get any improvement from the mask. The day is like a blur, I just try my hardest to stay awake. I can’t tell you much else about what I did.

Only got 3.5 hours of sleep with the mask. I laid there to hit the 4 hour mark.

Work has been stressful this week. I just don’t feel like I have the energy to keep up.

Still sleeping awful. I could barely keep the mask on for four hours last night. Woke up after 3.5 hours and couldn’t fall back asleep with it on. Immediately fell asleep after I took it off.

It was a busy day at work and was followed up by a tour of a hospital’s maternity ward.

Still sleeping miserable. The bid at work kept me busy all day. In the afternoon my tooth started to ache and my cheek started to swell up. It was not a pleasant evening.

The one big positive from the day was that I got to feel the baby kick for the first time. He’s gonna be here before I know it.